Monday, January 3, 2011

Remembering Lori Tullos Barta (ABA)

Lori Tullos Barta (Posthumous)
2011 David H. Walters Community Excellence Award
Austin Bar Foundation
To be awarded Jan. 29, 2011
Four Seasons Hotel, Austin

For those who might like to know, my friend Lori will receive the above award from the Austin Bar Association posthumously on January 29, 2011. For people who would like to read the nomination that was submitted by so many, I have found a way to post it here. For more information about the event, see The text is small, but if you click on the individual pages, they become a little easier to read. Laura Sharp is entitled to a large portion of the credit for organizing and drafting this eloquent nomination. Thank you, Laura. Shannon Meroney also helped a lot with the nominations, so thank you, Shannon, as well. When Lori was transferred to Seton Main, Shannon was a huge help in making sure that the Seton staff gave her extra special care.

Addendum: I have posted an additional tribute email to Lori at Additionally, I will be posting a video from the Austin Bar Foundation Gala on YouTube so check back here for that, as well.

Addendum: The Austin Bar Foundation Gala video is at:

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Here is another video tha that the Austin Bar Foundation Gala posted.