Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ways to Honor Lori Tullos Barta - "Lori's Wish" Issue #1

Because Lori Tullos Barta was so loved by so many, there will be many efforts to honor Lori and to sustain and spread her mission in life. Since I want an easy place for people to check as a central spot, I will be periodically posting information that is forwarded to me for that purpose.

I will call this "Lori's Wish" in reference to the statement that she made when Hannah was born. Lori wrote, "When I strip away all the misplaced expectations and get down to basics, my wish for [my children] is this: (1) That they will be HAPPY; (2) That they will know they are LOVED and love others; and (3) That this world will be a better place because they are a part of it. So here I take the first step in trying to ensure that others love and value our children (and all children) as much as we do . . . When it comes to the TRULY important things in life, we need to start valuing individuals – with all their assets and limitations – and stop placing labels on our children! It has to start somewhere if we want this world to be a better place for them." (See my prior post on August 26, 2010 for her complete message in her homily).

From my last conversation with Lori, I also know that Lori's concern for Hannah's long-term care was a paramount issue with her at the time of her death. By helping DSACT, you honor her wish and you ensure that Hannah and children like her will have the best advocates for their cause, now that Lori is no longer with us. Adam Barta and the Tullos family have both consistently directed people to DSACT as a way to honor Lori, so you can be confident that the family would appreciate these efforts.

There are three areas currently that you can plug in to DSACT:

1). the DSACT Calendar event this weekend (Sept 11th),
2). Volunteer fair information (Sept 14th),and
3). the Buddy Walk Team for Lori and Hannah (Walk is on Oct 24)
(More details on each below)

I will tell you that the volunteer leaders, parents and families of those at the DSACT loved Lori as much as anyone did, and will be people you can share and hear great stories about Lori. You probably will create great new memories of Lori that you will cherish from those stories, and find great new friends, as well. I know I have.


We wanted to invite you to our Down Syndrome Calendar Gala
Saturday, Sept. 11, 2010 from 5:30 to 8:30pm
La Paloma Event Center (off RR 620 in Lakeway)
Free event, drinks, appetizers, musical entertainment

It's our Red carpet Gala that kicks off our Celebrity Calendar, which features Downs children with Jeff Bridges and other notable celebrities this year. Please consider buying the calendar for yourself and it makes a great gift for people. The event will also be having a small speech about Lori. Terri Gruca, KVUE news anchor will be hosting. I'm hoping you can attend on Saturday. Please invite your friends and family.

Stefanie Visnich Martinez
Down Syndrome Association

VOLUNTEER FAIR in Honor of Lori Tullos Barta

Tuesday, September 14th, at 7pm
McFadden Auditorium (back half),
Seton Medical Center
1201 W. 38th Street
(Enter Ground Floor from the Parking Garage)

For our new and old friends inside and outside of DSACT who want to help DSACT and honor Lori Tullos Barta –

Please come and learn about our areas of need: Open positions, Critical tasks, Short-term and long-term projects, Buddy walk teams in honor of Lori

DSACT needs more hands and hearts to sustain our organization and to lead and continue our current programs, especially those built by Lori. If your family benefits from these programs, if you are Lori's friend and want to be part of her legacy, please come by and sign up! Thank you! Questions? Email

Suzanne Shepherd
President, Down Syndrome Association of Central Texas

"BANANAS FOR HANNAH AND LORI" Buddy Walk team 2010

Below is the link for "Bananas for Hannah and Lori" Buddy Walk 2010. This year's Buddy Walk will be dedicated in memory of Lori Tullos Barta on October 24, 2010 @ the Reunion Ranch in Georgetown, TX, from 12noon - 4pm. We will be working on T-shirts for our team (more info to follow). If you cannot come out to walk with us, please support our team with an online donation.

Cyndi Tullos Russell
Lori's Cousin

Note on Buddy Walk: For those that are interested in making an order of the shirt that Cyndi is doing separately for Lori's family and friends for those attending the Buddy Walk, you will want to contact me at and I can determine the best way for you to obtain a shirt that is designed for Lori's team. James.