Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Ebony and Ginger Project, No. 1

As the first edition of this project, I have put a sample of the cats that I photographed at the Austin Humane Society. For a complete listing of all available cats, you can see them at: For a description of The Ebony and Ginger Project, see my original posting on April 21, 2009.

I would, however, like to show you some photos and just how special and beautiful many of these cats are. The first cat that caught my eye was "Lilly," who was both curious, but also very engaging and easy going. Before I even started photographing, you could tell she was asking, "Who are you? ... want to play?" However, unlike kittens, she was also respectful of me and my time and didn't seem pushy about wanting to engage. Really neat cat.

Lilly is 1 year, 3 months old - and has been at the Austin Humane Society since early January '09. Of the young cats/kittens that you might consider adopting, Lilly would be awesome, so consider going to meet her.

One of the real sweetie pies I photographed was "Tia," who is 6 years, 2 months. Tia is all white with some minor marks on her fur, and has the sweetest blue eyes. She was surrendered about a month ago, and strikes me as a very loving and sensitive cat.

I think Tia probably took surrender pretty hard, but I also think she would be very loving to whomever will provide her a forever home. Ginger was much like that when we adopted her. But because Ginger does bond so strongly, once she opened up to us - she was extremely affectionate. You never know for sure, but Tia strikes me as having a similar personality.

One of my other favorites is "Ms. Madeline," who is the face of this project above in the top photo.

Madeline was probably one of the most cooperative in my photographing, and a cat that seems pretty confident and easy going at the same time. She was pretty willing to let me do what I needed to do and didn't fuss about it. Madeline is also one of the most beautiful cats there! If you were to just see her in her cage, I don't think you would get just how striking she is, but she seemed very happy to pose for me. I hope you enjoy her images, too.

I also think Madeline is an old soul, but is only 2 years old. She has been at the Austin Humane Society for over a month and a half, and I think is one of the real jewels there - in my opinion.

Bless "Linus's" heart, he is the longest resident of the cats currently at the Austin Humane Society. Linus is very sweet and also extremely cooperative in my photographing him - which says a lot about his temperament.

Linus has been with the Humane Society for almost 5 months. Of the boy cats I think you could adopt, Linus would definitely be one worth considering and definitely one you should visit. He is also very handsome! Really neat and engaging cat.

One cat that I had to individually show off is "Biscuit," a female black cat who is 2 years, 9 months old and has been at the Humane Society for a month and a half. Given that Biscuit looks REMARKABLY like Ebony, I think it is only appropriate that I focus on her as well. She seems to have the same personality that Ebony has, ... very curious, likes human interaction and very sweet.

Finally, while I can't promote all the cats here, definitely check out the Austin Humane Society website listed above if you want to see the other cats who also are currently looking for loving parent(s) and homes. There were many great cats with sweet personalities, such as "Carrie" and "Sissie," and several cats who were also sweet but strikingly beautiful, such as "Callie" (to the side) and "Delia" (below).

While this posting is of cats, be looking for my future posting of dogs at the Austin Humane Society, coming soon.


James T. Parsons said...

Good news as an update from April 27, 2009, it appears that Linus, Biscuit and Carrie were all adopted this weekend! yea! All three are no longer on the website which is always a good thing. Hope you three like your new homes!

James T. Parsons said...

Just wanted to give another update!! Delia and Ms. Madeline have new homes and are now off the website! Double yea!! I am still watching particularly for Lilly and Tia.

Mommy Spice said...

Ok, I remember you going by Jim in junior high. But I will call you James now. LOL. Thanks for the contact. While we were in the Dallas area, we were very active with the FCC (Families with Children from China). We celebrate Chinese New Year and Culture Day every year. We even recognize some of the other Chinese holidays/festivals. We have discovered the Chinatown off of Lamar and Kramer, and love eating and shopping there. We are 2 years into our second Chinese adoption, but still have more than a year to wait. Again, thanks for the contact. You'll have to let me know when other festivities take place that we might not know about.

James T. Parsons said...
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James T. Parsons said...
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James T. Parsons said...

"Sissie" got adopted, too! Yea!

James T. Parsons said...

"Callie" got adopted, too. Very few of the remainder of the cats featured in the project are left - but "May," is, "Selene," my absolute favorite, "Tia," "Brittany," "Pasha," and "Davy Jones." All have good qualities but I really hope that Tia, Selene and Brittany find homes soon.

James T. Parsons said...

...oh, and Cleo got adopted in the last day or so, but I had not noticed until now.

James T. Parsons said...

For some reason, but Lilly and Delia are back! I really thought Lilly was a super neat cat in my interaction with her, but definitely inquire with the Humane Society regarding the reasons for her return. Delia also seemed neat, but I had limited interaction. She is VERY beautiful, but worth also asking why she was returned.

I will say that we had considered returning Ginger, when we realized she first would not do well with Ebony. Ginger is still an AWESOME dog, as my parents will attest, but she was just not in a good fitting home for her.

Maybe the same is true with Lilly and Delia. Definitely worth the conversation, though.